About us – LingoJump

About us

Who is Lingo Jump?

Lingo Jump is a medium sized publisher of audiobooks and eBooks which are aimed at accelerating your language learning. Being technology and language geeks ourselves, we love what we do in providing you with excellent learning material.

Fun & Effective Solutions!

We provide solutions that are fun and effective to use. Our aim is to get you speaking as soon as possible without loading you with dry theory. 

The Autodidact 

We provide products for all users and most languages. From short lessons, to intense audio courses you can find what your brain is craving for. From beginners level to advanced learners, we cater for everyone,  autodidactic methods being our favourite so you can learn on your own terms without needing to invest in a tutor.

Keep Creativity Alive

With increasing pressure in the industry from the 5 big publishing giants, we have teamed up with a number of small to medium sized publishers to keep creativity alive and give talented authors and publishers a growing platform to reach their audiences. Please visit us again the future so you can see our product range grow.